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Goddess Reading of the Day: Kamuy Fuchi

Goddess Reading of the Day: Kamuy Fuchi

Kamay Fuchi Coloring PageThe other day my husband and I took our children to the botanical gardens in town. They have a display of Christmas trees from all around the world, we visited with Santa and then the kids made a craft. The craft that they made was a kadomatsu. Its a type of decoration that’s usually placed in pairs by the door to welcome the Kami, or ancestral Spirits. We placed ours on the hearth. For the Ainu, the Kami is spelled ‘Kamuy’ and Kamuy Fuchi is the goddess I pulled today.

Kamuy Fuchi is the Ainu Kamuy, or Goddess of the Hearth. She is the gatekeeper of communication between the living and the dead. She represents family, ancestors and your soul pod. She is a teacher of the people and oversees all domestic affairs and relationships.

It is said that Kamuy Fuchi never leaves the hearth. And why should she? The hearth is the center of the home. Here is the flame that warms our bodies, cooks our food and sustains our lives. Here is the place where souls return and wait to be reincarnated once more. Here is the place where families come together.

How do you maintain your “hearth”?  Is it clean with a fire burning bright? Or is it covered in soot and your flame dwindling? It is time to clean house. Often doing this literally, helps us to do this on an emotional and mental level as well. See how what you have around you and what you are bringing into your space is affecting yourself and your family. It could be that there is someone around you who is being disrespectful to this sacred space.

Community space, family space should be respected by all. Are you enabling by cleaning up after everyone’s messes? Are you or others being disrespectful by bringing in clutter and leaving it for others to work around? Think about this not only in a literal sense but in a metaphorical sense as well. Sometimes the words we use as well as our actions can be just as messy as those dirty dishes left all over the kitchen counter.

Call on Kamuy Fuchi to help in your marriage or in family disputes. Like a tough grandmother she can deliver the swats as readily as the hugs. Though you cannot change others, she will guide you to making changes in yourself; to become more self- aware, allow for self- respect. She teaches us how to nurture that spark and that flame within ourselves. She allows us to talk with our ancestors, living and dead and to make connections that further us in our destiny. She reminds us that sometimes our family is not only those that share our DNA but those with whom we have incarnated time and again. Kamuy Fuchi shows us how to clean up our acts and stoke the fires of a warm and sustainable life.

Excerpt and Illustration are from The Goddess Coloring Book available now.

Goddess Reading of the Day: Xochi Quetzal

Goddess Reading of the Day: Xochi Quetzal

coloringbook xochiquetzal

After a long weekend of dealing with sick kids and little sleep. I am not exactly hitting the ground running today. Hoping that I am not coming down with something as well, it makes sense for me to pull Xochi Quetzal for my Goddess Reading. If I am to listen to my body wisdom, I think I had better get as much rest as possible today, not worry about what I “should” be doing and take care of me instead. Here’s what She has to say about it:

Xochi Quetzal is an Aztec goddess. She is a goddess of passion, excess, sex, beauty, fertility and earthly pleasures. She is known to protect mothers, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. She’s also a creative goddess inspiring art and crafts of the day, such as weaving.

In our society, we are often told that our bodies are bad. We are told that to evolve and become enlightened we must escape our earthly desires and our physical selves and become more spirit like. We forget that the tools we have to do this reside in our physical. Xochi Quetzal asks you not to separate the two but combine them. Go into yourself, feel your body. Check in with each cell, each breath, each smell, each urge. Feel them. Honor them. Experience them. Use all your senses to explore your bloody, snotty, smelly self! Begin to accept these parts of yourself that have amazing purpose and creative potential. This is not the time to hide. There is no time for shame. Know you are beautiful, in your body. Know you are wise, in your body. Know you are powerful, in your body. There are many things we can “know”, in our heads. Learning to “know” them in your body is a whole other level of wisdom.

From The Goddess Coloring Book, available soon.

Goddess Reading of the Day: Oshun

Goddess Reading of the Day: Oshun

coloringbook oshun


As I continue to work on my Surcadian Oracle and my Goddess Coloring book, I’ve decided to share what the Goddesses have to say. Today Oshun came up. I think she is a good one to keep in mind as we start our week. This is an excerpt from the book, the illustration from the Coloring Book. Enjoy!

Oshun is a Yoruba Orisha or Goddess. She is associated with love, sex,wealth, beauty and marriage. There are stories in which she is proud like the peacock. There are stories where she is selfless and sacrifices her beauty and becomes the vulture. And there is  a lesser known story of Oshun as a mermaid.  Fresh water is her domain, the rivers in particular.She represents our emotions and the flow of life.

In the story of Oshun as the mermaid, Oshun lives in an underground cavern where the river runs beneath the earth. She has lost her head and she has only one opportunity to find it. That time happens just once a year when the moon is full and shines through the small hole in the roof of her cave for just a few moments.

When Oshun enters your life, joy, beauty and abundance follow. She tells you to be aware of these things that already exist. She tells you to keep your heart open and do not fall prey to jealousy or envy. You may be lacking joy and sitting in fear, worried about finances or relationships. To embody Oshun you must let go of your poverty consciousness, your fears of lack and enjoy the beauty in life. It is easy to get caught up in the everyday and miss these important and beautiful moments. By becoming more aware of them and honoring them, they will increase. More and more we begin to fill our lives with love and beauty, wealth and abundance. Oshun may be smaller or seemingly less powerful than some of the others in her Orisha family, but do not let that fool you.  Where she lacks in brute strength, she makes up in cunning and intelligence. She uses what she does have to her fullest advantage. And because she does not doubt or question, no one doubts or questions her.

Do not doubt that you have what it takes to succeed. Recognize your gifts and talents, your resources and use them to their fullest. Act quickly and decisively. Sometimes we get that one shot to make something happen, to “find your head”.  If Oshun has stepped in, you had better step up because your time is NOW.


Goddess Reading of the Day: Bridget

Goddess Reading of the Day: Bridget

coloringbook bridgette

In Celtic Mythology she was a daughter of the  Tuatha De Danann. She rules over creativity, blacksmithing, home and hearth, war, poetry, healing, livestock, springtime. She is a powerful figure and force, then and now. She is fiery and strong. And if she is showing up for you today, she is asking you to be the same.

In the Surcadian Oracle, Bridget is found in the East of the Northern Quadrant of our wheel. Her Keyword is “Inspiration”. She is in the east where the sun rises, the beginning and she is in the Northern Quadrant which means she is about logic and mental aspects. She is about Wisdom. She is the one behind your “Ah Ha!” moment.

Bridget, Brigid, or sometimes Brigit, is celebrated and honored during Candlemas or Imbolc in February of each year. She’s the Goddess that brings light after the dark winter. When she shows up, things begin to move, birth, flow, grow, begin.

When we feel lost in the dark of winter, literal or figurative, Bridget is the one to light the fire that warms and guides us. She is passion and creativity, headstrong and determined. She is asking us to use our passion. Find creative solutions. Remain determined. Never give up hope, never give up the fight.

There is a sexual energy related to Bridget that is in play. It’s the power of creation. You are being asked to reach down into the primal source of who you are and from that pull forth new ideas new energy and a passion that will propel you forward to the next stage in your life.

It is understandable to feel fear, to feel nervous about all of the unknown. When the blacksmith’s hammer hits, sparks fly. Bridget is hitting the hammer hard now. The heat is frightening, the noise almost painful, the sparks mesmerizing. When the metal cools we are left with a strong and powerful tool. You have been beaten and burned, forged in the flame and Bridget has asked much of you. But you are ready to emerge, stronger than you ever were and ready for the next adventure. This time you get to be the one to shape instead of being the one shaped. You have been created so that now you can go and create. You are being given the opportunity to do big and great things. You may not see it yet but you are emerging from the darkness of winter. Whatever time of year it may be on the calendar, for you it is Spring.

Illustration is from the upcoming Goddess Coloring Book featuring the goddesses from the Surcadian Oracle.

Kuan Yin

Kuan Yin

Open your heart as Kuan Yin opens Her arms to embrace you. Listen to her wisdom that she shares, not with words but by Her example and through Her love. All is possible.

There are several stories about Kuan Yin. In one, she decides to become a nun as opposed to agreeing to an arranged marriage. Her father, after failing to dissuade her from this life, has her put to death. Because of her kindness she was made into a Goddess and began her journey to heaven. However she felt such compassion for those left on earth, she chose to remain until she could ease all suffering. In another story, it was a supernatural tiger that took Kuan Yin to one of the realms of hell after her father put her to death. However, instead of being tortured, she played music and flowers bloomed all around her thereby turning hell into a paradise. It is said that one way that she eased the suffering of poverty by giving the Oolong tea plant to a poor farmer in China. Because of this gift, his entire village was able to escape destitution.

Often in life we can feel, like Kuan Yin, as if we are caught in a type of hell. We find ourselves in hells of depression, fear, sadness, distress, or illness. Although everyone moves through these emotions during various times in our lives, our hell, our suffering, is created when we find ourselves stuck there, unable to leave. Kuan Yin teaches us compassion, not only for others but, most important, compassion for ourselves. She grants us mercy and allows us to forgive. What she shows us is that who we are and who we can become can change the world around us, simply by our being. She teaches us that as opposed to practicing compassion and mercy, we need to become them. When we release our hurt and become filled with love and compassion our perspective changes and our hell then changes to paradise. Read the rest of this entry