This hand painted and stained 11.5″ wooden divination plate is used to read the casting the 28 howlite dyed turquoise stones. Howlite can prepare the user to receive wisdom from the divine. It is a stone used to calm energies prior to meditation or readings. It can be used to access past lives and to aid in journeying. Each stone is hand painted with a different hieroglyph plus one blank. The board is used to divine answers to questions through spreads, the casting of the stones and as a spirit board using the blank as a planchette. The plate can also be used for offerings or charging talismans, jewelry, spell work, etc. Several mystery schools are represented and many divination techniques are possible with this system. Instruction book included teaches how to cast the stones and read their energies. Techniques for several spreads are also included.
I offer readings using this plate. You can experience the mystery of the Isis Oracle as information flows from the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt. It’s a divination unique to our time the oracle speaks to us through the wisdom of the stones that are cast specifically for you. In the ancient mythology it is said that Set divided his brother Osiris’ body into 14 pieces following his murder. He scattered these pieces across Egypt. Isis, Osiris’ wife, was able to recover only 13. She fashioned the missing piece, his phallus, from gold. From this she conceived her son Horus. In this reading, 13 stones are cast across a divining plate representing Egypt. The stones are read and then the last stone, the 14th is drawn.
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Here’s a demonstration of how the Isis Oracle works. I’ve shown how the full cast works in divination. It’s really great fun! Check it out!