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Sweet Melissa Fairy Throw Pillow

Sweet Melissa Fairy Throw Pillow

Hyssop Fairy iPhone Case

Hyssop Fairy iPhone Case

anise fairy tote bag

Anise Fairy Tote bag

Fennel Fairy Framed





wormwood fairy card

Wormwood Fairy Card







Absinthe Tea Fairies! The guardians of the herbs who make up the intoxicating liquor, Absinthe are available in a variety of styles. Check HERE for details!





Kuan Yin Poster Kali Poster Isis Poster Erzulie Dantor Poster Baba Yaga Poster Acheulian Poster










Surcadian Oracle Goddess Posters  The collection of Goddesses featured   In the Surcadian Oracle is growing! They are available as posters or as prints. Find out MORE  and check back as more will be added.








The Isis Oracle Divination Plate & Speaking Stones $150 Hand painted and stained 11.5″ wooden divination plate used to read the casting the 28 how lite dyed turquoise stones. Each stone is hand painted with a different hieroglyph plus one blank. The board is used to divine answers to questions through spreads, the casting of the stones and as a spirit board using the blank as a planchette. The plate can also be used for offerings or charging talismans, jewelry, spell work, etc. Several mystery schools are represented and many divination techniques are possible with this system. Instruction book included teaches how to cast the stones and read their energies. Techniques for several spreads are also included.Buy Now!




Hand Painted ‘Awo Opon’ (Yoruba & Diaspora Divining Board) for priests, priestesses, initiates, students and other practitioners. $300 This divination tool is designed to be used by Ifa/Odu, ATR, Candomblé, Santería, Lucumi and other Yoruba based traditions. Each board is custom painted to fit the path, rank order and language being used by the diviner. The Trompe L’ Oeil painting features faux bois wood grains of African tone and burl woods. Each commission comes with five consecrated cowries and basic instructions for casting. Additionally, the board may be used for Egun (ancestor) speaking and two types of ‘specific alternatives’ divination. The board, itself, is subdivided to accommodate a myriad of traditional divination styles and mystery school uses. The Iroké image and Odu or Pataki depicted will be divined and hand painted with the accompanying story or the initiated can specify their ruling figure. Depicted is the Ife style and the artist’s own Iroké Ifa and ruling Odu. Another feature for students is that the names and rank order of each cast can be artfully hand painted directly on the board complete with specified diacritical markings that are language specific. Further instruction (Iyaami divination, Oti, Odu structure and more), more cowries and customization is also possible at an extra commission. Discounts available to teachers ordering identical boards in quantity.Buy Now!