So you’re considering a reading and you’d like to know more about who I am and why I do this? Well!

I’m an artist, mom and witch. I’ve been divining in one form or another professionally for 10 years. Divination is an art that runs in my family. I grew up with a Grandmother who read palms, an aunt who worked with spirit boards and the Tarot and a mother who analyzed hand writing. As a child I picked up bits and pieces of each while learning how to develop my own talents (secretly) along the way. My ability to speak with the dead and understand my prophetic dreams occurred around age 6 or 7. But it took me nearly 30 years to come to terms with it. Along the way I had art as my outlet. Today I combine my passions and have developed the Isis Oracle and am working on my Goddess Project which will become an oracle deck and include an accompanying book. In my readings, a family member who has passed may occasionally come through with a message. I am always sure to include this in the reading but cannot guarantee that I can reach someone specifically as the dead have free will too!

I have three reading styles that you can choose from:

tea leaf reading

Tea Leaf Reading
Although you don’t need to drink the tea or be present for your reading, you will receive your choice of Terra Stella’s loose leaf tea to enjoy while you look over your personal report. A hard cover copy will be sent to you with details of the interpretations of the symbols that have revealed themselves within the cup. Touch here for more details or to treat yourself to a tea leaf reading.

Isis Oracle Divination Plate

Isis Oracle Reading
Experience the mystery of the Isis Oracle as information flows from the hieroglyphs of Ancient Egypt. A divination unique to our time the oracle speaks to us through the wisdom of the stones that are cast specifically for you. Touch here for more details and experience a first time reading from this new style of divination.

isidore tarot

Isidore Tarot Reading
There is no better way to spend a pleasant afternoon than turning card after beautiful card of the mysterious Isidore Tarot. Each will reveal a different component or an active energy in your life. We will pull together the threads of the reading to weave a picture offering guidance and insight. Touch here for more details or to set up your tarot reading.

Or visit: Tea and Tasseomancy!