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Goddess Reading of the Day: Xochi Quetzal

Goddess Reading of the Day: Xochi Quetzal

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After a long weekend of dealing with sick kids and little sleep. I am not exactly hitting the ground running today. Hoping that I am not coming down with something as well, it makes sense for me to pull Xochi Quetzal for my Goddess Reading. If I am to listen to my body wisdom, I think I had better get as much rest as possible today, not worry about what I “should” be doing and take care of me instead. Here’s what She has to say about it:

Xochi Quetzal is an Aztec goddess. She is a goddess of passion, excess, sex, beauty, fertility and earthly pleasures. She is known to protect mothers, especially during pregnancy and childbirth. She’s also a creative goddess inspiring art and crafts of the day, such as weaving.

In our society, we are often told that our bodies are bad. We are told that to evolve and become enlightened we must escape our earthly desires and our physical selves and become more spirit like. We forget that the tools we have to do this reside in our physical. Xochi Quetzal asks you not to separate the two but combine them. Go into yourself, feel your body. Check in with each cell, each breath, each smell, each urge. Feel them. Honor them. Experience them. Use all your senses to explore your bloody, snotty, smelly self! Begin to accept these parts of yourself that have amazing purpose and creative potential. This is not the time to hide. There is no time for shame. Know you are beautiful, in your body. Know you are wise, in your body. Know you are powerful, in your body. There are many things we can “know”, in our heads. Learning to “know” them in your body is a whole other level of wisdom.

From The Goddess Coloring Book, available soon.