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Isis Oracle Quick Cast, How to Read the Stones

Isis Oracle Quick Cast, How to Read the Stones

Isis Reading

Today has been one of those frustrating days where I have found myself loudly complaining about all of life’s injustices. It can sometimes feel good in the moment to be able to vent but it seems an awful waste of energy if that’s all it’s accomplishing.  I realized I hadn’t thrown down some stones in awhile so I decided to do that prior to going off on another unproductive rampage.

I’m doing a quick cast today. Tossing 4 then pulling the fifth stone last. Three of my four stones were face down. The one that was facing up was Bau. That’s the little one that looks like a bird. He represents divine intervention. Because it was face up, it is something that I am consciously aware of, which is true. I have been feeling alot of divine intervention lately. Its always comforting to know you have spirits, ancestors, your creator, the universe, god or what ever you call it, who have your back so to speak. This means that things are in the works in the spirit world. It hasn’t been yet made manifest but it is quite active on the “otherside”.

This I could feel, so I was more interested in the stones that were face down. These represent those things I am not aware of, or don’t want to see but need to. The first in the SW Quadrant, the place of money and material things is duat. This star-like symbol is the glyph for the underworld. This is about a journey. This is showing me that there is some reason that I am needing to travel through these trials and tribulations. There is a reason why I am being tested when it comes to finances right now. It is my journey. I need to cross gates here. I need to learn, fight my fears and move on. The good thing about this journey is that at the end of it is “heaven” or even reincarnation. That feels more accurate to me, a rebirth is about to happen.   Sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that there is a reason for going through the things we do. Sometimes it is necessary to be reminded that perhaps a change in mindset is in order. This is my opportunity to learn and grow. This journey has a good outcome as long as I keep paddling.

The next stone is over the area of my board that represents the 3rd chakra and the place of will. This stone represents obsession. Often I look at this stone negatively. I think of obsession as a bad thing. However, being over the Solar Plexis, my intuition say that in this case it is necessary. It is about my willpower, my ability to focus, my ability to follow through, to keep going, to make things happen long after others would have given up. Sometimes our dreams need to become obsessions. We need to work them tirelessly to accomplish what needs to be done. In this case, because the stone was upside down, it is telling me to bump it up here. I need to be even more intense, more focused, more determined. It will take all of my willpower.

The last stone represents hope. It fell over the place where Isis sits on the outer ring of the board. These are energies working just outside of me. There is magic happening around me. Things are working around me to move and shift into place what needs to be done to get me to where I need to be. It is as if the prayers and hopes of all of those around me are working on my behalf as well. I should not ever doubt the power in that.

Ah, my last stone that I pulled was the hieroglyph for the god Shu. He represents strength. My outcome from this adventure I am on is that I will develop a new and deeper kind of power and strength.  This type of strength is in knowing and accepting who I am, what I want, how I express myself. It is confidence, swagger, comfort in my skin. Here also, it is representing physical strength. Heart, mind and body need to come together now. It’s time and all the forces are moving me towards that.

As with all change it is uncomfortable, to say the least! But the reading reminds me that at the journeys end I will find peace and good things awaiting me.

Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: The Nine of Swords

Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: The Nine of Swords

nine of swords


I will be working on an Isis Divination Board for a client today so I thought I’d cast some stones for myself this morning. Then I realized my stones were ALL THE WAY downstairs. My cards however, were right next to me! I pulled the Nine of Swords.

Well, there ya go, the card of nightmares.  It’s still weird to me how these cards, pulled at random reflect what is going on in the moment. Yes, I’ve been stuck living in a nightmare. My anxiety levels are pretty high. I’ve been pretty tough on myself, trying to do too many things at once. I’ve been trying to make something happen to move us to where we need to be. Even though it is apparent that I don’t have control over it. Not over all of it anyway. I’m not an advocate of doing nothing. I think we all must do our part. But to expect that I have ultimate control over the situation and therefore ultimate responsibility is silly and harmful.

This card tells me that my suffering is really of my own making and it is not necessarily reflective of my true situation. I think it’s human nature to see the negative before the positive and that can be overwhelming. I need to remind myself that my attitude really is everything. How I approach my situation affects the outcome. We are all, at some point in our lives, faced with tough situations. The trick is to stay flexible, stay hopeful. And for me, I think I need to approach it like a game. There are strategies to be applied and maybe even some fun to be had, if I can remove my personal expectations and attachments. It’s time for an attitude change.

When you are in the grip of fear from a nightmare, it’s time to wake up, splash some cold water on your face and reassess your surroundings, your reality. Move forward with a new approach. Fear can be debilitating and right now, ain’t nobody got time for that!


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The Bennu Bird: Time to Die?

The Bennu Bird: Time to Die?

Bennu Bird

I pulled this stone today from my Isis Oracle and Speaking Stones. It’s the Bennu Bird. In the tarot it would be similar to the Death Card. In Ancient Egypt the Bennu is akin to the phoenix. Pulling this stone made me think of all the little deaths I’ve had lately, and a near miss when my husband became ill just a couple of weeks ago.


The phoenix has three distinct stages of his life. The life itself, the burning into ashes and then the rebirth. Where does death find you in this cycle? Are you about to go down in flames? Have you already burned and are now nothing but ash? Or do you find yourself in the process of being born again?

If you are about to burn, take heart. There is a reason and a purpose. When you come out of it you will be better. There are things in your life that need to be cleared away so that you can move forward. Death seems scary but it is a transitory thing, leading to a better life.

I find myself in the ashes. I have burnt. To a crisp, thank you very much! But I am not yet reborn. I believe there is work to do even in the ashes. If you are there too, use this time to reflect, reconnect, discover what has been left undone and finish it. This is your time to heal. When you begin again you should be able to do it with a clean slate and no baggage holding you down.

Maybe you are about to be reborn. Sometimes it can feel scary. You may feel raw, nerves a bit jangled. You may feel excitement or fear. All of these are ok. Give yourself time, be gentle, keep your focus upward and onward. That’s where you are heading now.  Rise up on those new wings and fly.

It’s nice to know we get second chances. Make it count.






Isis Oracle Speaking Stone of the Day: Balance

Isis Oracle Speaking Stone of the Day: Balance

speaking stone balance

This seems an appropriate stone to pull for the weekend. I work out of my home, being self employed means my hours seemed to be constant. I don’t clock in or out. I’m up early and to bed late. Weekends don’t have the same meaning to me as they might if I worked only Monday through Friday. But on the other hand, because I know they do for the majority of others I tend to relax a bit more. I can’t make the same contacts as I can through the week. I can’t do business with those who are closed on the weekend. So if I’m going to take a little bit of a break, I’ll do it on the weekend. And I am in need of a break! My mind and emotions have been running hard these past few weeks. I can tell it’s way past time to refocus, regroup and re-balance.

This stone asks you to examine how it is you have been feeding yourself. How are you nourishing your soul? your body? your mind? Are you feeling full? satisfied? or hungry? Maybe you are feeling too full in one area and lacking in another. Time to bring all back into balance. That can mean eating clean foods, getting more rest, being more focused, or having more fun! Plan something for yourself today, this weekend, (everyday!) that will feed you in a healthy manner.  I plan on getting outside to breath and decompress today. And tomorrow I’m taking the kids to a movie. (Okay, I should probably eat something cleaner too, but I’d hate to push it.)

When you come into balance you will be stronger and better able to handle the unexpected challenges life throws your way.  So go ahead, give yourself what it is you need. You’ll feel better for it.

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