The Bennu Bird: Time to Die?

The Bennu Bird: Time to Die?

Bennu Bird

I pulled this stone today from my Isis Oracle and Speaking Stones. It’s the Bennu Bird. In the tarot it would be similar to the Death Card. In Ancient Egypt the Bennu is akin to the phoenix. Pulling this stone made me think of all the little deaths I’ve had lately, and a near miss when my husband became ill just a couple of weeks ago.


The phoenix has three distinct stages of his life. The life itself, the burning into ashes and then the rebirth. Where does death find you in this cycle? Are you about to go down in flames? Have you already burned and are now nothing but ash? Or do you find yourself in the process of being born again?

If you are about to burn, take heart. There is a reason and a purpose. When you come out of it you will be better. There are things in your life that need to be cleared away so that you can move forward. Death seems scary but it is a transitory thing, leading to a better life.

I find myself in the ashes. I have burnt. To a crisp, thank you very much! But I am not yet reborn. I believe there is work to do even in the ashes. If you are there too, use this time to reflect, reconnect, discover what has been left undone and finish it. This is your time to heal. When you begin again you should be able to do it with a clean slate and no baggage holding you down.

Maybe you are about to be reborn. Sometimes it can feel scary. You may feel raw, nerves a bit jangled. You may feel excitement or fear. All of these are ok. Give yourself time, be gentle, keep your focus upward and onward. That’s where you are heading now. ┬áRise up on those new wings and fly.

It’s nice to know we get second chances. Make it count.






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