Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: The Ace of Coins

Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: The Ace of Coins

Ace of Coins

Today I pulled the Ace of Coins! I must say I’m happy with this one. It does speak of potential, no sure things…but the potential for financial gain and success is still a good thing! New opportunities are about to knock on your door.

After some pretty tough times I’m happy to see that new opportunities may be opening up. But here’s the deal, opportunities are just the beginning. It’s what we do with them that counts.

If you are feeling unhealthy, tired, scattered, ill prepared or any other such things take care to correct that. If the ball is about to come into your court you need to be ready for it. Stay alert for signs, new friendships, new business, creative inspiration all of these things can open the door to a new opportunity.

Getting yourself out into the world is important too. You can’t make that connection that will bring you that windfall if you are hiding out at home. If you are invited to a party, go. If you are asked to volunteer, do it. Get yourself into a position to meet new people, gain inspiration, discover new ideas. Get ready to be able to meet that new opportunity head on.  Know that it is coming and allow that thought to fill you with hope, particularly if you are coming out of a rough spot. Having a good attitude will make a difference.

The Ace of Coins; that big ‘ole hand is coming right out of nowhere ready to hand you that abundance. Be ready to take it!

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