Isis Oracle Speaking Stone of the Day: Balance

Isis Oracle Speaking Stone of the Day: Balance

speaking stone balance

This seems an appropriate stone to pull for the weekend. I work out of my home, being self employed means my hours seemed to be constant. I don’t clock in or out. I’m up early and to bed late. Weekends don’t have the same meaning to me as they might if I worked only Monday through Friday. But on the other hand, because I know they do for the majority of others I tend to relax a bit more. I can’t make the same contacts as I can through the week. I can’t do business with those who are closed on the weekend. So if I’m going to take a little bit of a break, I’ll do it on the weekend. And I am in need of a break! My mind and emotions have been running hard these past few weeks. I can tell it’s way past time to refocus, regroup and re-balance.

This stone asks you to examine how it is you have been feeding yourself. How are you nourishing your soul? your body? your mind? Are you feeling full? satisfied? or hungry? Maybe you are feeling too full in one area and lacking in another. Time to bring all back into balance. That can mean eating clean foods, getting more rest, being more focused, or having more fun! Plan something for yourself today, this weekend, (everyday!) that will feed you in a healthy manner.  I plan on getting outside to breath and decompress today. And tomorrow I’m taking the kids to a movie. (Okay, I should probably eat something cleaner too, but I’d hate to push it.)

When you come into balance you will be stronger and better able to handle the unexpected challenges life throws your way.  So go ahead, give yourself what it is you need. You’ll feel better for it.

For information about the Isis Oracle and Speaking Stones, what it is and how it works…check HERE!

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