Time for a Wedding!

Time for a Wedding!

dragon and bird batik,

Seven years ago, my husband and I signed some paperwork in the little kitchen of an old rental home and we were married. There was no pomp or circumstance but we did have a lot of love! We had always wanted to celebrate this marriage and we decided that, seven years and two more children later, this would be our time.

So with very little time left and very little in the way of monetary resources we’re going for it! These next two weeks are going to be CRAZY. But then, to the outside world looking in, I suppose most of our days are. So yes, crazy, hectic,sometimes emotional but always magical. I live each day believing miracles can happen, no¬†will happen. And you know what? They usually do.

We have had so much love and support from the community of people around us, we want to celebrate them as much as we want to celebrate our time so far together. So you may see some posts here chronicling our process. I may post just so I can have some place to help me keep my thoughts straight!

As usual, I am not totally sure how it will all come together. And it will most likely come together at the last minute but I know it will be epic and I cannot wait!


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