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Goddess Reading of the Day: The Sophia

Goddess Reading of the Day: The Sophia

Sophia Coloring Page

For my reading today, I pulled Sophia. My daughter’s name is Sophia. She’s been going through a tough time lately and has been on my mind. I guess this one’s for her!

Sophia is considered to be a goddess of wisdom in Hellenistic traditions. The name Sophia in Greek translates as wisdom. The wisdom Sophia gifts us takes place inside of ourselves. To work with Sophia means it is time to break through your illusions, your delusions and the lies you tell yourself.

This commitment is one that can result in pain as your ego falls away and your true self is revealed. The results are always worth it. The process is difficult.

Wisdom comes through experience. Don’t hold back. Do not choose to remain quiet because you fear humiliation if you speak. Do not choose to hide because you fear what people will think if you are seen. Things perceived as “bad” are lessons to be learned. They are opportunities for growth and change.  Humiliation brings humility. Humility is the understanding that not everything is about us. Wisdom comes with the realization that there is something more, something bigger than what it is we see and the understanding of our role within that.

The image is a page from my Goddess Coloring Book that features all the Goddesses of the Surcadian Oracle along with a description of their energy and history.