Ramblings, Writings and Revelations

Ramblings, Writings and Revelations


lenormand 27

Ah the weekend. One day, I will have one that is completely open and I am free to relax. Until then I will stay focused. At least until the evening. I figure putting nine hours in on a Saturday is good enough. (The nine hours thing added for your benefit so you will not judge me, or maybe feel sorry for me? Nah, more so I can rationalize to myself and ease my guilt and impulse to keep working until I drop.) The thought crossed my mind to give myself a reading, which caused me to recall this page and the fact that I haven’t posted in awhile.

The dangerous thing about posting here, is that I’m not even sure anyone sees it. Which makes me feel safer to say things that perhaps, otherwise I might not say. Here I lay down my art, my musings and my adventures. My opinions, observations and my rambles may end up here too. Tonight is a case in point for the ramblings.

I’ve been working hard to stay focused and finish up many projects. The largest one is our ArtPrize entry, The Blue Bead Project. I’m also on the finishing side of illustrating a children’s book. One that I happen to think is VERY cool. And I will post more about that as soon as I can. I will also be wrapping up a triptych for a local church and need to start a faux finish for another installation for another local church. All this while teaching part time, developing new teas for the amazing Orangemoon Tea Company and looking for a place to live.

I’ve been learning a great deal about focus, limitations and patience of late. I’ve also been learning about the value of family, wine and chocolate. Everyday I see more clearly that which is of true importance, like time spent with loved ones, creating good memories and hanging onto a positive, though realistic attitude. (And chocolate really helps with all of those things.)

And as I began this post with the idea of pulling a card for myself, I have decided to do just that. I chose to play with the Orange Moon Trading Company’s Bat Lenormand Deck and pulled number 27.

This card has to do with communication, documents, messages, etc. The first thing I thought of was that in this day of instant messaging, the picture depicts a hand written letter, sent via snail mail I’m sure. And although it is beautiful, it made me think of delays. I believe my patience will be further tested. What may be a good lesson for all of us with this card is to think about the messages we convey in our everyday lives.

How are we living? What is our attitude? Is our message clear? Is it forward moving and of benefit to ourselves and others? Or do we continue with a victim mentality and carry anger, hurt, blame or even guilt? Maybe writing out our feelings (like this lovely rambling post here), journaling or even writing our story could help. Perhaps this has to do with paperwork of a business nature, tying up lose ends, finishing what we’ve started.

I’m a big believer of finishing. I hate unfinished projects, unspoken words,… dangling participles…

This card could also be speaking of getting all your ducks in a row. Make sure you are doing your work, covering all your bases, and various other cliches.

But I think the main point is to stay focused. Stay honest. Be clear in your communication. Expect some delays but ultimately, if your message is on point, you will achieve that which you set out to achieve.

And now I believe I shall return to my family, wine, chocolate…or maybe some popcorn. Because coping skills are important, I think I will pop some, curl up with my kiddos and watch a movie.

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