Weekend Opportunities

Weekend Opportunities

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So much has happened in the last few months. It is amazing how much it has thrown me off my grove! I have had to re-evaluate many things and make a lot of adjustments. I haven’t been to my site here in sometime and I thought today would be a perfect day to pull some cards and test the winds. Today I’m using Orange Moon Trading Co. Lenormand Deck. I don’t normally work with the Lenormand but I’m finding it to be a new favorite. Especially when the readings seem to be so positive!

Today I pulled 3 cards, numbers 31, 17 and 9.  Change, Success and Happiness. Sounds good to me!

Normally I cringe a bit at change. My experience with change is that it has mostly been pretty dramatic and rather uncomfortable. However, when paired with these other two lovelies, I feel much more optimistic about it.

Change in perspective and attitude are the biggest things here I believe. When one has an attitude of joy and belief in good things to come, they can’t help but come. Like attracts like. The stork brings not just change, but a creative growing change. This change brings opportunity. This is more than a wish for things to be a certain way, this is an active belief. It is when you finally get to a certain point in life where you chose to live differently, when you stop being afraid, when you taste and appreciate all the joys, recognizing each tiny one until it builds into a great inescapable happiness for right where you are, in each moment.

Okay, not EVERY moment is going to be great, let’s face it. But we can choose to see the opportunities even when we can’t find the joy. Which brings us to the Sun, #31. Usually this card represents success. It represents opportunity as well. When this card is with the others, it tells me that success will not come floating by on a cloud and gently land in my lap. It says I have the opportunity, it’s waiting for me. What I need to do is make all those changes necessary to clear the path. Once I’ve cleared the road, seized the opportunity and approached it with passion and joy, it will be mine. It’s telling me to approach this with an attitude of fun and appreciation. Given that today is Friday and the weekend is upon us, I think it will be a little easier to do just that!

Here’s to new beginnings. Let’s go grab some life this weekend!


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