Wisdom of Bats

Wisdom of Bats



For the bat, this time of night is the beginning of their day. They view the world upside down and they fly skillfully  through the darkness. They can represent a rebirth and new beginnings. Bat can teach us how to change our perspective and look at our old world with new eyes. They teach us not to be afraid of the dark.

I find it interesting that the Bat is the symbol used to help get our new business of the ground. They inspired the amazing Lenormand Cards that Bethalynne has designed, the posters promoting the Orange Moon Tea Society. The bats reign!

Over the years I have tried many things. Bits and pieces of endeavors that for one reason or another didn’t go beyond the trial but did get me to the next adventure. Looking back, I can see that these ideas were not bad, not wrong but for the timing and the tweaking.

Now I am revisiting the old world with new eyes. Like the bat, I am learning to change my perspective, learning to see in the dark. And all those old ideas are being revisited and re-birthed in a new and unexpected way. It has taken time and experience to begin to see how the pieces can fit, to see that there is a place for them.

My life has been filled with a lot of hard work for a very long time. It is amazing to do something that is fun. Just for me. Just because. And to have it develop into something that can be sustainable, well…that would be the best.

The bat symbolizes triumph even in darkness. They are survivors and let’s face it, they’re adorable (especially in top hats). I’m thrilled to go along for this ride.


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