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Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: Nine of Wands

Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands

You’ve fought the good fight. You’ve won many battles but the war is not quite over. Exhausted and possibly injured, you must reach deep down into the reserves you didn’t even know you had and find the strength for one last push. Your goal is closer than it has ever been. Don’t give up the fight. Even if you have to lean your back against the wall, it will give you the appearance of standing up tall. Put the smile on, even if you must grit your teeth to do it. It won’t be much longer now.  On the one hand you know you shouldn’t care what people think, on the other hand you know that perception is everything and reality is what you make it. This card makes me think of the saying “fake it ’till you make it’. Sometimes we need to put on one last show and make it great, make it epic because this is the time when everyone is watching. How are you standing up to the pressure? Your actions now are the ones that will give you the push you need, make the connections you need to make, create the magic that needs to happen to reach that seemingly unreachable goal. DO NOT GIVE UP.  You are that close. Push on, fight on. The last battle is looming, but it IS the last battle…. For now.

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