My Read on the Day

My Read on the Day

isidore tarot reading 3 card

I was thinking of my friend Beth today who created this beautiful Tarot Deck. I thought I would pull my Card for the Day, and well, I ended up pulling three. I guess I needed a bit more information!

In my head, my three card reading went a bit like this: Card 1: Where are you right now? (emotionally, situation-ally, etc) For that one I pulled the fwo of coins. Card 2: Whatcha gonna do about it? That ended up being the Priestess. And finally, Card 3: What will be the result? And there I have the four of swords.

The two of coins is all about balance. Something I do struggle with. The juggling metaphor is not lost on me. I think it is a curse of our society that we are expected to work so much. We work through our lunch ours, we don’t take vacations, we often hold down more than one job in order to survive. We are judged and looked at as being lazy if we do anything less. As someone who works for myself, I don’t follow the 40 hour a week, 9-5 schedule. Sometimes I think it is worse. I feel guilty if I relax. I work all hours of the day and night and weekends? What are those? Those social ideals that have been ingrained in me have taken a monstrous turn and I simply have way too many balls in the air.  Balance is not just important it is vital. If we push and push and push, life has a way of forcing us to slow down, usually by way of illness. Seeing the two of coins today reminded me that I am pushing too hard, particularly in the financial realm. I am being short sighted. I may gain something quickly but long term I will lose because I will not have my health or the energy to grab that big opportunity that presents itself down the road. Time to pace myself.

The Priestess showing up told me a couple of different things. The first one being, you know what you have to do so you better get to doing it. The other thing was it reminded me of who I am. If I am a Priestess, then I need to act like one. I need to be strong, wise, knowledgeable. I need to express that confidence and attitude with grace. My Aunt used to say to me, “Think steak, even if you have to eat hamburger”.  There is alot to be said about the energy of faith, confidence, “knowing”. Sometimes that act of assuming without a doubt that something will be a certain way, it will be that way. You work toward that goal with that knowledge but you don’t have to go at it like a crazy fool and deplete yourself in the process. Work smart, use your knowledge, use your experience, use your magic.

If I am to do this, what will be my outcome? The four of swords. Looks like I catch a break, yay me! Yes there are things I’ll still  have to deal with. Life is like that, there always will be. But by putting them into perspective, prioritizing, working in a steady calm manner and KNOWING, it will result in success. It will result in the ability to focus, to complete projects and to afford some time to take a breather and bring some joy into life. It’s all about the balance.

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