Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: The Empress

Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: The Empress

Isisdore Tarot the Empress

First of all, I have to congratulate my dear friend Beth, for her Isidore Tarot deck will be featured in the Spring 2015 Issue of Somerset Digital! This deck definitely deserves a place in their Magazine. With that in mind I decided to pull a card to see what may be in store for today. I picked up my tin only to discover that one card was stuck to the bottom and had never made it in. I decided that must be my card! It was none other than the Empress hiding there.

Traditionally she represents, family, abundance, beauty, motherhood and fertility. For Beth, her fertile ideas and creations in regards to her art are growing. She creates beauty and produces many amazing works, not just this deck. Her babies, in this reading, would refer to her artistic creations. She should continue to nurture and “mother” those ideas and projects as they will produce joy and abundance in the near future.

But for me, I need to consider why this card was hiding? Why was it not only on the bottom but not even in the tin with the rest of the group? If my art is also “my baby” it seems to me that I am not being a very good mother. I am tending to it last of all. Sometimes it is so low on my list of “priorities” that it’s not even on the list. “My baby”, will no doubt shrivel and die if I don’t take better care of it.

This has clearly been the case this week. Monday I felt ill and did not do work at all, even though I have a deadline to meet. Yesterday I tried to do my design work in spite of feeling ill but then had constant interruptions and demands from others. Sometimes working at home is really tough. Today, my design is due. I’m maybe only half way done. And I’m not sure about what it is I’ve done so far. If I am to be very honest with myself, I must admit that this particular work is not a passion of mine. Technically, I can do it. Happily, I am getting paid for it. Creatively, my heart is not in it and that is why I allow distractions.

Clearly, the Empress is telling me I need to shift my focus.

In addition to my artsy stuffs, I have real flesh and blood children that are in need now too. I am feeling rather pulled. A great deal of attention should be paid to each of these things. If only it could be one at a time as opposed to ten. I haven’t figured out yet how to get it all done. There is always a great deal of nurturing to be done, the trick for me is to not forget to nurture myself too. One wouldn’t think it would be that difficult. Maybe it is a cultural expectation, maybe it is instinct, maybe it is my natural tendency but most likely all of the above. Whatever it is, it results in often putting me last, putting my art last. Maybe she was hiding under the tin because she was feeling buried by all the responsibilities.

The Empress today is a wake up call. Take care of yourself. See the beauty in life and the abundance that already exists around you. Focus on nurturing yourself and those things that feed you. Only by taking care of you will you be able to take care of others.

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