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Mystical Magical Tea

Mystical Magical Tea


I recently had the pleasure of joining my husband, Ted Jauw of Surcadia and my dear friend Beth, of the Orange Moon Tea Society in providing teas and entertainment for Madam Aubergine’s Mystical Tea Party. The party was a benefit for Lush Lapels charity, Blushing Violet.

The party was held at the Ladies Literary Club in Ypsilanti, MI. The club is housed in a building built in the mid 1800’s. It was full of history and the guests were not all living, and not all invited. It provided the perfect atmosphere for spooky stories and some tea leaf readings. Unfortunetly, one of the not so alive but rather ‘lively’ attendees was not pleased that I was reading the leaves. It was my first experience of a spirit being able to affect me physically. I was scratched to the point that it drew a bit of blood. Fortunetly, my husband who HAS delt with such things stepped into sheild, we shifted gears and went on about our evening in a great way.

I have to say I was embarrassed that I was unable to concentrate and lost a bit of my ‘professionalism’ initially. Glad to have regained control. It is strange to be experiencing something that no one else can see and hearing things that no one else can ┬áhear. Although many did experince the sense of a presence and some were touched on the shoulder.

We do love tea parties!! AND the guests, well, most of them. Afterall, it is the season!