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Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: Two of Coins

Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: Two of Coins

two of coins

Well then, the Two of Coins! Guess I’d better brush up on my slackline techniques and learn to juggle! I’d say that’s sarcasm but I don’t think it’s too far from the truth. My 3yr. old daughter looked at this card and she told me that it’s about magic and using your brain to control the balls. Hmmm. Maybe she’s right. But then, she also said it was a picture of a frog. However, I do think it takes a kind of magic and some brain power to balance all of the things we generally have going on in our life.  We are balancing precariously. Too many things are going on at once. If it is possible to put down some of those balls we have in the air, then we need to do it. Simplifying life is really important. Often we complicate things to justify our existence or to make an excuse for not dealing with an issue. Make sure what is going on in your life is furthering your goals and your enriching your spirit. If it isn’t, dump it. Quickly.

On the other hand, sometimes life tosses alot to us all at once and we have no choice but to figure out how to juggle it. All the balls in the air are important. We’re not allowed to drop any of them.  I’m feeling this today. I couldn’t possibly list all of the various balls I have up in the air right now! (Plus, it would probably bore you.) The result is I need to learn how to balance them all. Focus is vital. Staying healthy if vital to being able to focus. Good sleep helps a lot with that whole “staying healthy” part. Everything is linked. Everything works together. Sometimes we can only make improvements in one of those areas at a time. But do what you can, because they are linked, it will help you to make improvements in other areas down the road. The Two of Coins is about balance, but it’s also about doing what you can. Listen honestly to your body and mind. Act accordingly. You will find your balance but just like juggling, it takes practice.

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Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: Seven of Wands

Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: Seven of Wands

seven of wands


Ah well, yes. The Seven of Wands. Why can’t there be a card that says, “Hey no worries! Just sit back and relax. Everything is taken care of and you can simply stay in your silky pajamas and eat bonbons for awhile. ” ? Perhaps in a perfect world…Instead there is the Seven of Wands. Not a bad card, but one that says instead “you need to push a little more, for a little longer. Be brave, face your challenges and keep swimming”

Courage Dear Hearts. Life takes courage. We all have challenges. Some bigger than others. For me, they are easier to meet if I greet them as opportunities. It has been my experience that everything I go through, although unpleasant at the time, has led to something better. It’s not always easy to keep a positive attitude, particularly when in the midst of all the chaos, but this card asks us to do just that.

Today I will resign to take deep breaths and push on. Don’t put off those things that are hanging out there, deadlines are looming. Face them, (hopefully without drama!) and get started. The longer they are put off, the more difficult they become to manage. Pulling this card today lets me know I have it within me to take care of business. Something better is just around the corner, today I will take those last few steps to get me there. Care to join me?

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The Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: The Magician

The Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: The Magician

the magician

Life got a bit crazy for a bit. Well, you know, it’s life so I guess it always a wee bit crazy! But that’s my excuse for not pulling a card for the day for awhile. Today I thought it would be a good idea to get back into the swing of things. I drew the Magician.

Today I had a meeting with a program director to discuss teaching. (I love teaching art to kids, well anyone!) When I walked in she was discussing with a coworker great relief about something she had been working on for a long time that had finally come to a good conclusion. Because there are some things I too have been working on and am anxious for them to come to a good conclusion, I took that to be a good sign. When I returned home to check my email, I had a note from someone letting me know a conflict they had been very concerned about had just been resolved. There was another message from a friend who had been trying forever to sell her condo, it just sold.

None of these things have happened to me, but they are happening around me. Time to tap in. The Magician shows us that we can use our creativity and intuition to make things happen in our life. We have mastery over the elements and we have the ability to manifest. It’s all about the magic!

My understanding of magic may be a bit different than other’s. For instance,  I’m not so sure we actually have control over anything but ourselves, our perceptions and our attitudes. I don’t believe control or “mastery over” something to be the point. Magic is about observing the world around you, understanding natural and cosmological laws, understanding synchronicities and being able to adjust yourself accordingly to be able to take advantage of that. Magicians who are very perceptive, adaptable and quick thinking know how to stay at the front end of the energy. By the time everyone else catches up, the magician has already done her thing and to everyone else it appears that she has conjured a miracle.

Quantum physics teaches us that our thoughts can change direction of energies. On a quantum level, that is true. But why try to fight a large existing trend when you can use what is already there? So when I see energies, like described above happening in my life, I think about riding their current and putting my personal request into it, using the energy that is already there, but tweaking it to my advantage with my thoughts, intents, attitude and sometimes “layering” of  parallel representations of that energy, as in spell work, altar building, offerings, etc. All things intended to direct the energy that already exists to specifically benefit me.

The Magician Card showing up today tells me it’s the right time to do just that. So take a minute today to assess and clarify what it is you need, tap into the energy that is moving around you and begin to shape it. Use the resources around you, use your creativity to recognize those resources. They are there and they are waiting. Now’s the time to PLAY.

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Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: Queen of Swords

Isidore Tarot Card for the Day: Queen of Swords

queen of swords


Today is a day with much to accomplish. I’m going to need to attack it with a “Spock” like mentality, meaning logic sans emotion. The Queen of Swords is about quick thinking and strong perceptions. She is decisive and authoritative. There is no time for drama or distractions today. Do what it is that you need to do, if that means getting to work, do it. If that means, you need to listen to your body and rest, do it.  You will be better off working independently right now. Listen to  your logic. Tend to your personal projects and focus on tying up loose ends.

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Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: The Tower

Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: The Tower

the tower


Ah the Tower.  Good morning to me! I always joke that if I were a tarot card, I would be the Tower. Except I’m really not joking. I seem to have a lot of extremes in my life. I’m a risk taker and I tend to never do things half way so I do increase the odds of drama. That being said, I have learned that the experience of the Tower, though usually painful, has always given me amazing opportunities to rebuild in a bigger and better way.

I am not surprised that this card came up for me this morning. My husband (who I’d have to say would be the Magician, if her were a tarot card!) and I were speaking of facing fears just this morning. The interesting thing about this is the adjustment in our attitudes. Our visceral realization of how we stop ourselves by negative thinking. Now that’s not to say we need to walk around with a happy sunshine attitude all the time, because let’s face it, that’s not reality. And if we walk around in denial, that’s when the Tower Card really hurts. It comes at you hard.

Today the tower showed in reverse. You see, I know what I’m facing. And I’m not running from it. I actually appreciate the Tower today because it’s letting me know I have some warning of what is to come, I have a little bit of time and if I play my cards right (no pun intended) I can lessen the pain of it all. I can be proactive this time as opposed to being on the receiving end.

Today is the day to drop all emotional attachments to your fears. Today, look at your reality and accept it in this moment. That is not to say that you accept that it will always be that way. But look at what is and deal with it. Do not become paralyzed. Pull out all your creative problem solving skills, your magic, your resolve. Act decisively. There are resources, there are ways. The biggest thing is to not let the devil inside control you. Do not allow yourself to obsess or become stuck thinking that you can’t do something. Do not allow the type of thinking that says, “I can only do that when this..”. The time is NOW. You’ve been warned.

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Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: Strength, Reversed

Isidore Tarot Card of the Day: Strength, Reversed

strength card

We’ve had some plumbing problems again. In fact the “leak” was really a gush and it took out a portion of the ceiling in the kitchen below. Fun! Fun! I’m glad both my husband and I are very handy with such things but it would sure be nice not to have to worry about dealing with it at all.

Feeling tired, but determined to get the house cleaned back up today I started with pulling my card from the Isidore Tarot Deck (which seriously, you have to get for yourself. Maybe I had a past life in the Victorian Era or something but I love the heck out of this deck!) My card for today was Strength but in reverse.

While in the upright position, this card is about quiet strength as opposed to brute force, fortitude and perseverance. In reverse it can denote weakness, impatience, lack of discipline, etc…I can see how that is playing out for me. Today I am certainly feeling impatient. I moved into the mode of cleaning and taking care of things with a rampage, determined to make things more livable. Using brute physical force and adrenaline, I quickly lost steam. I think frustration or anger can be a good initiator but it cannot sustain like a quiet fortitude can. Today is a good day to allow your impatience to move through you, don’t fight it, accept it. If that’s where you are  that’s ok. Let it perhaps initiate some movement in your life but then move it toward determination and steady, thoughtful action.  This card in reverse can show you where you perhaps need more discipline in prioritizing your agenda, moderating your moods and learning how to persevere, trusting that all things do come to an end and there will be a time for rest once again. In the meanwhile, deep breaths! Do not judge yourself harshly if you are feeling dejected or weak, we all have those moments. But know that it is within you to flip that energy around and make it something that can work for you as opposed to against you. You do have the quiet strength necessary to handle life’s hardships. Make a cup of tea, quiet your heart and your mind, then try again.