Winter Dreams and Solstice Wishes

Winter Dreams and Solstice Wishes

Picture1The above illustration is one I did for the inside cover of the just released paperback, ‘The Fourth Choice’. It depicts the various religious items that had been collected by the main character in the book, then sent to his daughter in a package. According to the description… “The Fourth Choice is a fast paced prophetic thriller full of action, mystery, murder and political intrigue. After recieving a package of cryptic writings, relics, sacred objects and mystical items, Ana-Lise unexpectedly finds herself and her little daughter on the run and on an apocalyptical hero’s journey through history and across the country. What exactly does she hold that could incite a world-wide war, a revolution and trigger a conspiracy potentially costing millions of people their very lives? What was it that her estranged father knew and where is he now? Coded messages, religious icons and hidden treasure is only the beginning.”

This is my husband’s first novel. It’s good, and I’m not just saying that! I’m currently working on some edits for his second novel, ‘The Fifth World’ while he is busy writing his third, ‘The Sixth Chakra’.  I’m thrilled that he is really doing what he has always dreamed of doing. There are so many stories in that man that they can’t come out fast enough. It’s so important to follow our dreams. It isn’t always an easy thing to do. I struggle with it myself. But with all my distractions and survival techniques, I still commit to doing at least one thing each day that furthers my dream. I think about that as the Solstice approaches.

One thing I do each Winter Solstice is make a wish. I plant the seed in the quiet darkness, nourish it and see what grows in the coming year. I’ve been thinking a lot about my dreams and my wishes. It’s a good time of year to reflect and redefine what those might be.  They are important and I’m not sure I’ve been feeding mine in the way that I should be. I think I will make a wish bundle this weekend, put it out to the Universe.

In the meantime I will continue editing and “percolating” my own ideas for the year to come.

Check out the novel, ‘The Fourth Choice’ !


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